Benefits in the Basic PRO Plan of

As the GGS (Global Gold Supplier) of, we recommend the Basic PRO Plan to be the most optimized plan for your business.  With an annual investment of Rs. 1,79,000/-, you will get instant returns worth Rs. 2,50,000/- in this plan.

Keyword Ad Spend Alibaba

Keyword Ad Spend Credits

Rs. 36,000/-  worth of Keyword Ad Spends on

Alibaba Minisite

Custom Minisite

Custom Storefront helping you create a digital identity. Average Market Cost: Rs. 40,000/-

Alibaba Showcased Products

Showcased Products

Showcased or A+ Listing creation average market cost is Rs. 1,500/- per product, totaling to Rs. 30,000/-

RFQ responses

RFQ Responses

A detailed RFQ (Request for Quotation) on a B2B platform roughly requires Rs. 100/- investment per RFQ. (60×12=720) RFQs in Basic PRO ~ Rs. 72,000/-

RFQ green pass

RFQ Green Passes

Fastrack regular RFQs with (03×12) = 36 Annual RFQ Green Passes (Cost per RFQ-G = Rs. 1,000/-), totaling Rs. 36,000/-

Alibaba Account Manager

Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated account manager will be available for you from, assumed shared cost @ Rs. 2,000/- per month = Rs. 24,000/-

Alibaba Product Posting Service

Product Posting Service

Average Market Product Listing cost > Rs. 200/- per product. For 60 products, benefit – Rs. 12,000.


Keyword: Rs. 36,000/

Minisite: Rs. 40,000/-

Showcased Products: Rs. 30,000/-

RFQ Responses: Rs. 72,000/-

RFQ Green Pass: Rs. 36,000/-

Account Manager: Rs. 24,000/-

Product Posting: Rs. 12,000/-

TOTAL: Rs. 2,50,000/-